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Posted on: November 26, 2008

My first blog, and introduction to me

I am Valerie Gommon, a Registered Midwife and an Independent Midwife and this is my first attempt at blogging.  First of all, a brief introduction to who I am and what I get up to:

I am a midwife in Independent (or Private) Practice and offer full continuity of care throughout the antenatal period, labour and birth and up to one month postnatal. I have four grown up children and live in North Bedfordshire.

My interest in birth spans more than two decades and started with the birth of my first son.  I was keen to learn more about the birth process and gradually learnt more about childbirth and parenting skills and subsequently had my next three children at home.

I became involved in La Leche League (a group which supports and promotes breastfeeding), the National Childbirth Trust, A.I.M.S. (the pressure group Association for Improvements in Maternity Services), and our local Birth Information Group.  Through my involvement in these groups I began to support other women and acted as a birth supporter and in turn began to teach birth preparation classes and sometimes supported these women during childbirth. Eventually my own children were grown enough for me to consider training to become a midwife and I worked within the NHS for a number of years as both a hospital and community midwife.  I am therefore confident in all areas of midwifery practice including homebirth, waterbirth, active birth and vaginal birth after caesarean section; I particularly enjoy parenthood education.

For the majority of women childbirth should be recognised as a normal event, I enjoy supporting women and families at this significant time in their lives.  My aim is for women to be fully informed and active partners in their care.  I believe this will empower women and their partners to obtain the most from this precious experience and can then enable them to move forwards into parenthood in a positive way.

I am an active campaigner for improvements in maternity services and am a member of Milton Keynes Birth Information Group and MK Mums. I also act as guest lecturer and mentor student midwives. Currently I am a local representative of the Association of Radical Midwives, a member of AIMS (Association for Improvements in Maternity Services), a member of IMA (Independent Midwives Association) as well as being a member of the Royal College of Midwives.

By working independently, I can offer the luxury of unhurried appointments in the comfort of a client’s own home allowing plenty of time to prepare for the birth. I like to think I am an experienced, sensitive midwife who works with clients to help obtain the best possible experience at this special time – pregnancy outcomes (types of birth, length of labour, need for pain relief, maternal satisfaction and length of breastfeeding) have been shown to be improved by having a known and trusted midwife – I believe that this is something every woman deserves and will continue to work towards this aim.

I usually work alone, but have the back up of other Independent Midwives if needed.

Please do feel free to give me a call for an informal discussion if you wish to discuss anything I have written.

Tel: 01908 511247

3 Responses to "Valerie Gommon Midwifery Practice"

The female may get the urge to get out and do this when the car runs out of petrol halfway to the hospital.

They’re all closed.

Apparently you are one.

After one of these you reach the hospital.

Wasn’t sure whether to allow this comment – but I’ll take it in the manner I hope it was submitted!

Hi Valerie, I stumbled across your blogg whilst searching for midwifery info. Thought i’ld let you know I found it very interesting and it has given me more direction of what to look at in terms of midwifery.
Many Thanks
Rachel (Soon to be midwifery applicant)

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