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Good day’s work

Posted on: December 14, 2008

I recently cared for a lovely couple expecting their second baby. Unfortunately their first birth had been quite traumatic, but I am happy to say that this time it was a fantastic birth, the woman was so calm and relaxed, as the baby’s head was pushing down she did make some noise but between contractions she reassured me and her partner that she “was fine”, the noise was helping and felt primal. The baby slipped out into the birthpool and immediately went onto her chest – just lovely!  She then went on to have a physiological third stage in the birthpool and very shortly after the birth told me that she “could do that again!”.

This client had practised hypnosis techniques throughout her pregnancy and I am certain that this helped her to feel so positive about her labour and birth and enabled her to stay calm and focused and to breathe her baby out so gently.

Anyway, since then I’ve been to see the Stereophonics which was great too, and the Christmas shopping is slowly getting done ….

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