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Raising awareness of Independent Midwifery

Posted on: December 15, 2008

I regularly attend Health Exhibitions and also co-host Exhibitions locally in Milton Keynes and I really enjoy this work. It gets me out and about to meet pregnant women, and those who may be considering a pregnancy and raises the profile of midwifery in general and Independent Midwifery in particular. It gives women (or partners) an opportunity to ask questions and makes midwives more accessible – it is often hard to ask questions in a hurried consultation at the surgery.

I usually have information leaflets on hand and often promise to research something and forward detailed information on later.

One such Exhibition this year was the LINk 2 Health & Care Event in Middleton Hall, Central Milton Keynes and you can see some photographs of the day here

There are many other opportunities for example the Parents Information Day in Milton Keynes which was held in October this year; then there is National Breastfeeding Week, International Day of the Midwife and World Breastfeeding Week.

1 Response to "Raising awareness of Independent Midwifery"

Hi Val

Thought that you could mention the details of our MK Independent Midwives stall at the ‘Tots 2 Teens’ Exhibition (free entry) in Middleton Hall, Central Milton Keynes on 12th – 15th February 2009 between 10am – 5pm.

great blog!

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