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Baby wearing?

Posted on: December 21, 2008


If I had to suggest one essential item of equipment for a new baby it would probably be a sling.  Carrying or wearing babies in slings is often quite emotive, people either love or hate the idea, but I have to say that I love it!

Your baby has been “carried” inside you for 9 months, is used to hearing your body sounds, your heartbeat and to suddenly become a separate being, expected to lie in a crib without the warmth, comfort, sounds and smell of you must be quite a shock!

Babies that are carried usually cry less and are more contented; it also means that you have your hands free to do household chores or attend to an older child.  Slings are also fabulous to carry a baby who is colicky as by keeping the baby upright, possibly with gentle pressure on his/her stomach, it encourages the air in the baby’s stomach to rise up.

Carrying your baby close will also help with breastfeeding as your mothering hormones will be stimulated and encourage milk production.

Did you see the TV series “Bringing up baby” earlier in the year when three “styles” of parenting were followed by new parents? One family followed a very strict regime, whereby the baby was fed according to a schedule and then put outside in the garden and left to cry.  One family took a middle ground and one family practiced “attachment” parenting where they took their baby into their bed (co-slept) and used a carrying sling.  Interestingly the family following the Attachment regime had the most contented baby and got the most sleep!

The choice in choosing a baby sling can be overwhelming.  I would encourage you to talk to friends or at on-line forums and, if at all possible, borrow a sling to try or at least try them out in a shop.  Important factors to consider are the comfort, particularly on your upper back and shoulders and also the ease of getting the baby into the sling and putting it on and taking off.

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