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Useful items for a homebirth

Posted on: December 27, 2008

For the room

* Clean old sheets, ?old PCV/woven back tablecloth
* Pillows, cushions, beanbag and/or birth ball
* Adequate heating especially in winter, in no central heating mobile heater suggested
* Adequate lighting, spare bulbs, angle poise lamp, side lamp or good torch
* Bin liners for rubbish and dirty laundry
* Bucket in case you are sick
* Small waterproof mirror (e.g. shaving mirror or mirror tile)
* Pampers changing mats
* Kitchen roll/tissues
* 2 clean hand towels and soap
* Worksurface or tray to lay out equipment
* Hospital bag packed in case of transfer to hospital

For the mother and baby – for the birth

* Easily digested food e.g. bananas, yoghurt, toast, biscuits
* Fruit and/or vegetable juices
* Jar of honey/dextrose tablets
* Tea – herbal or ordinary
* Ice cubes (can be made from fruit juice and/or water
* Bendy straws
* Several clean face flannels
* Plenty of large clean towels – for you after using bath/pool
* Plant spray container for water – really refreshing!
* Old or disposable pants
* (At least) 2 packets of thick sanitary towels
* Nightie or t-shirt if you like to wear one
* Hot water bottle or wheat sack (for backache or afterpains)

For the baby/afterwards

* 2 smaller, soft towels for the baby
* Nappies and cotton wool of choice
* Warm clothes – vest, babygrow, hat, cardigan and blanket
* Breast pads and Savoy cabbage – to relieve engorged breasts


* Camera
* Chilled champagne/chocolate
* Light easily digestible food (e.g. pasta) for after the birth

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