Valerie Gommon Midwife’s Blog

Posted on: February 3, 2009

As an Independent Midwife I am often asked by clients whether I know about pregnancy yoga classes, or baby swimming classes or even about complementary therapists and nurseries.

Over the years I have worked hard to collate databases of useful information, and often would hand out piles of flyers to my clients, but I began to see the need to put this information into one central place and thus the idea of BirthIndex was born. is a LOCAL on-line Directory for all things Pregnancy, Birth and Baby and currently covers the Bedford, Milton Keynes and Northampton areas.  There are sections for Fertility, where one might find anything to prepare of assist with actually getting pregnant; a Pregnancy and Birth section listing everything from pregnancy ultrasound, complementary therapists who work with pregnancy to a specialist pathology laboratory; the postnatal section includes pilates or physiotherapy for Mum and baby signing whilst the Other section includes photographers and caterers who make christening cakes!  There are also useful Baby Equipment, Complementary Therapists and Childcare sections as well as an Events section listing relevant local events (if you are hosting events please do list them with us as it makes the site more useful – there is no charge for this).  There is a comprehensive Links section and a Useful Articles section which is set to expand over time and finally an opportunity to sign up for our BirthIndex newsletters.

Please do visit the site and let me know what you think, I would welcome any ideas you may have for improving the site, equally if you know of businesses that should be listed please do invite them to look at the site, as they can be listed free of charge.

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