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Baby movements/Baby doppler listening devices

Posted on: February 28, 2009

Your baby should move at least 10 times over a 12 hour period each day – you will get to know your own baby’s pattern, some are quieter than others, some only seem to move at night … but do learn to notice what is normal.

If you are not feeling the movements try changing your activity – it could be that you have had a busy day and just haven’t noticed.  Try resting, having a bath and perhaps a glass of icy water – usually this will be enough and your baby will start moving again.

Movements are a sign of a happy baby, and sometimes babies that go quiet do so for a reason.  Reduced baby movements should always be checked out with either your midwife or your local hospital – no one will mind examining you, perhaps doing a cardiotocograph (CTG) monitor of the baby’s heart and reassuring you.

One of my clients had been concerned about her baby’s movements recently – she has one of the baby doppler listening devices and had listened and heard her baby’s heartbeat and felt reassured by this.  I pointed out that just hearing the heartbeat is not enough – midwives are trained to interpret the pattern of the heartbeat and it is this that is important, not just the hearing of the heartbeat.  These dopplers are a pet hate of mine – so many women turn up on hospital labour wards because they have been unable to find the heartbeat – they are frightened unnecessarily because it isn’t always easy to locate the heartbeat and these dopplers are not of the same quality as professional models, and as I have already pointed out, you need to be trained to correctly interpret the sounds.

My advice is not to waste your money on the baby dopplers!  Get to know your baby’s patterns and movements – that is great reassurance that all is well – if at all concerned consult your midwife or hospital without delay.

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