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Orgasmic Birth!

Posted on: May 7, 2009

Last year I watched a viewing of the film “Orgasmic Birth” which may be called “Joyous Birth” for the British audience.

The film documents the beautiful, calm and sensuous births of eleven women.  Made by filmmaker Debra Pascali-Bonaro it reveals a revolutionary approach to birth that is statistically safer for both mother and child than the birthing and delivery methods that are standard in many parts of the world today.

The phenomenon of birth being a sexual experience is not new; anthropologist and author Sheila Kitzinger has written about this and describes how the pressure of the baby’s head against the walls of the vagina and the fanning out of the tissues as the head descends bring for some women an unexpected sensation of sexual arousal, even of ecstasy.  I have written of the power of hypnosis and have witnessed some beautiful calm and peaceful births however it has to be said that the birth journey for most women is long, hard and painful.  This said, I very much agree with Dr Grantley Dick-Read who in the 1920s came to the realisation that birth need not be painful, and described that Fear creates Tension which creates Pain.  Women who are able to somehow rise above the waves and surges of energy and power of the labour contractions can and do have easier and shorter labours.

If you are pregnant I would very much recommend that you consider learning the art of relaxation, perhaps with the aid of a Natal Hypnotherapy CD or by attending Hypnobirthing classes and perhaps that you consider watching the beautiful births on this film, perhaps together with the unassisted births as they powerfully show the variety of births, but at the same time show that childbirth is a normal event and that babies will be born – naturally and often without too much assistance from the medical profession!

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I have also watched the film and would agree that the title should be joyous birth. I have had 4 births and all were joyous, peaceful, exhilerating and enjoyable – but orgasmic – well not really.

In my work with Natal Hypnotherapy we have had thousands of women use the Natal Hypnotherapy techniques (through courses and CDs) in their preparation for birth and their feedback often includes words like, enjoy, calm, peaceful, empowering.

If more women were helped to feel and believe that birth can be a wonderful joyous event, then there would be less fear and so less pain and intervention.

Thanks Maggie, you have also reminded me that Natal Hypnotherapy also run courses to teach the Hypnotherapy techniques – I’ll remember that!

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