Valerie Gommon Midwife’s Blog

Suggestions for birth partners

Posted on: July 29, 2009

Prior to labour:

Inflate pool, test for filling and ensure tap connectors are correct

Early labour:

  • Have pool up and perhaps begin to fill
  • Have calm, relaxing music
  • Lots of positive encouragement for your partner
  • Does she want any light food
  • Encourage drinking regularly
  • Encourage her to pass urine every hour or two
  • Does she want to use the birth ball
  • Does she need to rest
  • Does she want the TENS machine
  • How about a bath/shower

Also remember to eat and drink yourself!

Help by breathing together through contractions – have eye contact

Offer massage, back, tummy, hands and arms, neck, head

Remind your partner that the baby is coming, that this is all normal and positive!  Babies usually take their time!

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