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Dietary suggestions for pregnancy from Tom Brewer

Posted on: August 4, 2009

These ideas are not mainstream, but some people believe that by following this advice there may be a protective factor against pre-eclampsia and cholestasis of pregnancy.  The information certainly won’t do you any harm and may in fact do you a lot of good!

Ideally from about 20 weeks:

1) plenty of protein – 5-7 portions a day – it doesn’t matter what sort but should be a complete protein ie pulse and a grain or an animal product

2) complex carbohydrates. ie whole grain bread, rice, pasta, beans and pulses

3) vitamin B – from whole grains and meat products, brewer’s yeast, marmite etc.

4) vitamin C – fresh fruit and vegetables

5) Salt to taste. This means taking as much salt in your diet as you like. (Against the usual advice regarding salt intake).  The salt should be a good mineral or sea salt, this is to support the haemodilution that occurs during pregnancy.

6) plenty of fresh water to drink.

For more information about this do an internet search as there is information “out there”.


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