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Domestic Violence

Posted on: September 14, 2009

This morning I went to an update session of Domestic Violence – you see being a midwife isn’t all about delivering babies.  Health education is very much part of the role of a midwife and part of that is being aware of Domestic Violence (or Domestic Abuse) and referring to appropriate agencies if necessary.

As midwives we are supposed to ask every woman we encounter whether she is afraid of anyone she knows – easier said than done, but Domestic Violence affects 1:4 women (and also 1:10 men who are abused by partners).

Domestic Violence (DV) is defined as “any violence between current and former partners in an intimate relationship, wherever the violence occurs.  The violence may include physical, sexual, emotional and financial abuse” and we are reminded that it occurs across society regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality wealth and geography.”

Pregnancy is a time of stress and a time of increased prevalence of DV.  DV is more likely to begin when a woman is pregnant and this can have marked effects on the pregnancy and later on the child.

For confidential help in and around Milton Keynes the number to call is 0844 375 4307 or for national enquiries call 0808 2000 247 which is a 24 hour helpline – or you can contact me in confidence at


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