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Milton Keynes General – Equality and Diversity Investigation

Posted on: October 29, 2009

Milton Keynes General Hospital is in the news this week with a story about a client who allegedly objected to non-white staff being in the delivery room. Apparently hospital staff have complained to the Equality and Human Rights Commission about the way the situation was handled earlier this month when an unnamed white woman had a Caesarean section at the hospital. The hospital said it had begun a full investigation and said it is thought to be the first time such a request has been made to them.


1 Response to "Milton Keynes General – Equality and Diversity Investigation"

If the lady in question didnt want certain people in the room at the delivery of her baby, that is clearly her choice. If it were a muslim giving birth and objected to male health care in the room,, that would be ok? So, why do we all have to bow down to every ethnic culture in OUR country, but nobody respects our needs?

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