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Midnight Moo

Posted on: September 6, 2010

Slightly old news now … can’t believe that I forgot to write about this, but … and even better, I’ve posted my first photograph!

Despite (by her own admission) being very unfit, local Independent Midwife Valerie Gommon joined 2000 other women to take part in the Midnight Moo Walk for Willen Hospice last Saturday 17th July.  Local women walked 10 miles around Milton Keynes starting and finishing at Midsummer Place, The Centre:MK.  It was a fantastic (some say scary), sight to see the women in their pink Midnight Moo t-shirts snaking through the dark redways of Milton Keynes; despite the hour, there were plenty of people out and about to support us, with car horns beeping and people waving from their houses, we were also fortunate to have an army of volunteers to mark the route, offering support and encouragement along the way – their kind support kept us going!

Last year’s walk raised more than £100,000 for Willen Hospice and this year the amount already stands at £91,355 with money still rolling in, so it isn’t too late to add your donation

Clare Wildman says: “For me the Midnight Moo sums up all that is truly great about Milton Keynes. The way that so many people of all ages and backgrounds come together to do something a little crazy for such a good cause and the fantastic way that it runs so smoothly and everyone has such fun.”

If you are interested in walking next year you can register at

Here is a picture of Valerie along with Clare Wildman and Ady Cartwright (aka Mrs Paintbrush) preparing for the walk.Preparing for the Midnight Moo

2 Responses to "Midnight Moo"

I have to admit that we did look tired before we started! Wonder if we looked any better at the end? Perhaps it’s a good job we didn’t take that photo.

Have you decided to sign up for next year?

Well, it was a MIDNIGHT Moo – it was late!

Not sure that I’m ready for next year!

We did well didn’t we?

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