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Baby wearning/slings revisited

Posted on: March 15, 2011

 I promised to do a bit of research about baby carriers/slings for a client and have come up with the following new information in addition to the information already detailed on my previous blogs.  I would recommend you have a look at which has a forum to discuss the pros and cons of slings, also I suggest you look out for local “sling meets” which are informal gatherings of parents who use slings.  Sling meets will give you invaluable first-hand information about what other parents have found helpful to them and also an opportunity to try out a variety of slings.

A client has also specifically recommended the following slings: didymos wrap, ellaroo wrap, ring slings, stretchy wrap and meil-ai wrap – but this list is far from exhaustive – there are so many excellent slings on the market from the hugely expensive to very simple and the DIY rebozo or length of fabric that is used as a carrier  I think it is all down to personal preference, purse and body size/shape.  What I do know is that babies like being carried close to Mum or Dad!  Do have a look on as there are many helpful videos to watch.

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