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Just a quick “rant” here – did you see a news item this week suggesting that Nursing and Midwifery training posts may be cut in a bid to save money?

I was shouting at the TV – what a complete and utter disaster this would be.  We already have a national shortage of midwives and we certainly are not training enough new midwives.  Indeed Milton Keynes NHS Hospital Trust is stating that it is unable to recruit enough midwives to meet their staffing needs and cites the national shortage of midwives as part of the problem.

The attrition rate of students midwives is also incredibly high, perhaps up to 50%, and Trusts are also struggling to have enough qualified midwives to train students and once qualified a sizable number of midwives quickly leave the profession as they are not supported into the role and find the job too demanding.

We need more nurses and midwives, not less and any further decrease in staff numbers will only put additional pressure on the existing workforce and lead to yet more clinical staff leaving their chosen profession.

Women and midwives need to join together to protect the future of midwifery!