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Student Midwife Emma Rushin from Derbyshire recently won £50,000 by suggesting a new flavour for Walkers crisps!

Emma Rushin suggested that Walker make a new flavour “Builder’s Breakfast” which combines bacon, buttered toast, eggs and tomato sauce!  The prize money will certainly help fund Emma through her studies as a student midwife.

The issue of student hardship has been a real issue in midwifery circles as student midwives studying on the degree programme are not entitled to a bursary despite working long hours within the NHS.  This has been a contentious issue, and one that has been hotly debated and supported by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) and others.  Student Midwives are expected to work long hours, and work shifts (including night duty) which largely precludes them from taking part-time jobs like other students.

Following my recent posting when I mentioned that some women choose unassisted birth as a result of previous trauma, I have recently read that  American actor and talk-show host Rikki Lake has revealed that she was sexually abused as a young child.

Ricki Lake bravely discusses her past in her new book “Your Best Birth”.  Lake discusses her past battles with her weight and body image but goes on to describe the healing that she has experienced through her own birthing experiences, and I have to say that this concurs with my experiences as a midwife – I absolutely believe that a positive birth experience can be healing and empowering for women whether their past trauma was sexual abuse or a traumatic birth experience and am very happy to speak to women about this subject   It is well recognised by midwives that pregnancy and birth are significant times for women who have experienced sexual abuse – memories may well come to the fore, or a woman may remember events that she had previously buried and forgotten.

The documentary “The Business of Being Born”,, which Lake made with filmmaker Abby Epstein, has touched many people and was championed by both the Independent Midwives Association (IMA) and the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) and has been shown to packed audiences around this country and abroad.

Help is available for survivors of child sexual abuse from a number of sources including: