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A baby in a “posterior” position can lead to a longer and more difficult labour and also what is known as a “backache” labour.

There is lots you can do to try to turn your baby antenatally, like lying on your left side in bed, lying on the sofa on your left side with your belly hanging over the edge.  Spending time on all-fours (wash the kitchen floor!), or sit on a birth ball and ensure that when sitting your knees are lower than your hips – a great position is to sit “backwards” on a dining chair (facing the back of the chair).

Other ideas include:

1) Belly lunges – Woman needs to stand as if about to do African dancing

(ie knees loose, bum out, body forward). She needs to put her hands, cupped together, at her syphilis pubis, supporting her belly, but not lifting it. – She then needs to lunge forward – with a contraction- and finish off with a Rocky Horror style back and forth wiggle. – she won’t find it comfortable, and may not do it effectively the first attempt – but do two with each leg, and it’s often successful!

2) Walk sideways up the stairs.

3) Nest-making – Make the woman a ‘nest’ for her belly, out of  pillows/duvets. Get her lying comfortably, face down, and leave her to rest/sleep.

4) The woman can stand sideways to a wall, and lunge against it, with her arms stretched quite high.

5) Real knee-chest – i.e. thighs at right angles to shins, and chest on the floor (followed by 5 mins on each side in a darkened room).

6) Doggy thing – woman needs to be on all fours, then cock one leg up and rest it on a chair.

7) Moxibustion

8) Cranio-sacral therapist

9) Bottom jiggling (for relaxation!)

10)Alternating hot/cold towels on the back (for pain relief) has lots of great ideas.