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Written by Kassia Gardner

Nearly 80% of businesses will stop running childcare voucher schemes if tax exemptions are abolished, according to research by the Institute of Payroll Professionals (IPP).  The Government is under increasing pressure to change its mind about its intention to scrap tax exemptions on childcare vouchers from April 2011.

As a family we’d be worse off if this happened, we’re not the poorest of families but childcare is our biggest expense. It costs more than our mortgage! It would be a close call, but in all likelihood we may be better off if I didn’t work at all. This really annoys me, I want to work. I want to earn money, mainly for my own self-respect, so I don’t have to ask Kev for money to buy his birthday / Christmas present. I went to university, worked hard at career and have since started my own business , bright angels, since having my second daughter but if we’re better off with me not working that’s what we’ll do. Otherwise it will be like me paying someone else to let me work! It’s not just the poorest of families that need help, the rest of us have expenses too and they’ve not been going down recently. Energy prices are going up, fridge freezers break and many families need two incomes to pay the bills. Does the Government actually want parents to contribute to the economy and pay tax so they have some income for things like schools and the NHS, or are they looking to develop a generation of stay at home parents?

How would the scrapping of tax exemptions on childcare vouchers affect you?